I was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. I have been writing poetry and fiction almost since I learned the alphabet. 

My first major opus was a joint project with my best friend in fourth grade. We wrote a sequel to 101 Dalmatians and sent it to Walt Disney Studios. Disney rejected the manuscript, but we received a very kind letter from Disney's secretary (see below). At that time, I went by the name Susan, and my last name was McAuliff. 

I continued to write stories, poems, and "novels." I attended St. Olaf College and Macalester College (both in Minnesota), graduating from the latter with a double-major in English and Russian. I lived in North Carolina for 25 years and in Bloomington, Illinois, for 10 years. I now live in Pendleton, South Carolina.

Jobs I have held include technical editor for a bank holding company, educational software purchasing agent, legal secretary, advertising executive, public relations and communication specialist, and copy editor for nursing textbooks.