The Inspiration for One Wolf Howls

First of all, I have always loved animals, wild and otherwise. I watch Animal Planet and Wild Kingdom on television. If I'm in a city that has a zoo or animal park, I visit it. I am fascinated by lions and tigers and bears (oh my) -- whether in person or on videotape. I currently own five cats. (Actually, they own me, and govern the household by committee. The eldest, Gizmo, is Chairman of the Board.)

My interest in wolves intensified in the late 1990s when I had a vivid dream in which I was a black female wolf running along a country road. I could feel all four of my paws hitting the ground as I ran. Up ahead I saw a small group of men with guns. I darted off the road and into the high grass of a nearby field, where I crouched and hid and watched.

(Note: Those who do not regularly have vivid dreams may find this disturbing or bizarre. Those who regularly have vivid dreams probably realize that this one was pretty tame compared to a lot of them!)

My increased interest in wolves led me to learn everything I could about them. I didn't actually sit down and say: "I think I'll write a book about wolves." Instead, in 2003, the words to One Wolf Howls came to me. The book is for young children. It is not about my dream, although the dream was certainly the initial inspiration that led to the book. I could have dismissed the dream, as I have so many others, but I didn't. I took it to heart and One Wolf Howls is the result.



One Wolf Howls

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