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Saturday, 13 February 2010


Photos & Comments



"Dear Scotti,

Thank you so much for coming. The children and I had a great time. I love the way you held the students' attention and reinforced the writing process. Great job!"

Thank you,
Dawn Rhoda
3rd Grade
Chenoa Elementary School



"The kids really enjoyed hearing the story and learning about wolves. I think they especially loved seeing the pictures of the pups, Lobo the wolf, and learning the different howls they can make."
~ Julie McGraw
Pre-K / ECSE
Chenoa Elementary School



"The presentation given by Scotti Cohn last week was wonderful. Ms. Cohn involved the children and tied factual information about wolves to her fictional characters. My students have been learning about realistic fiction and it was exciting to watch them connect their learning to the book. In particular it was gratifying to see one of my students who is diagnosed with autism, become completely engaged. Thank you for a wonderful experience."
~ Julie King
Le Roy Elementary School
Le Roy, IL



"You did a fantastic job. The students loved the book, howling, and Lobo and Lupa, and they enjoyed comparing their hands to a wolf's paw. Thanks for coming."
~ Kim Walk
Director/Pre-K teacher
The Mulberry School



"The children - and adults! - really enjoyed your program! By engaging them during the presentation you held their interest well. The program was age appropriate for our group of preschoolers and elementary age children." 

~ Jennifer Williams, Normal Public Library




"Scotti's presentation and knowledge of wolves far exceeded my expectations! I would love to host another event with her in the future!" 

~ Michelle Olson, Customer Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble










Presentations for Kids

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Presentations for Teachers & Librarians

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My presentations for children are typically 30-40 minutes long. I require that a reasonable number of teachers or adult supervisors be present during my program.

My presentations can emphasize either Language Arts (creative writing) or Natural Sciences. Below are a few examples. (Please feel free to suggest other programs you would like to see.) 

A Year in the World of Wolves with Scotti and Lobo (designed for Grades K-3; a Natural Sciences presentation): IL Science Standards EE 12.A.1a, 12.B.1a, 12.B.1b, 12.E.1b; LE 12.A.2a, 12.B.2b.

  • A brief conversation with children (led by Scotti and Lobo the puppet), to see what children think they already know about wolves. 

  • An interactive reading of portions of the book -- including listening to and howling with recordings of wolf vocalizations -- during and after which children will be encouraged to discuss ways in which the text and illustrations inform them about the subject.

  • A Question-and-Answer period during which children can ask about the process of becoming a published book author or anything related to wolves. Scotti shares her experiences at Wolf Park in Indiana, where she interacted with socialized wolves. 

Is There a Poem in the Picture? (designed for Grades 1-4; a Language Arts/creative writing presentation): IL English/Language Arts Standards 3.A, 3.B, 3.C

  • How Scotti wrote and revised the rhyming text of One Wolf Howls based on suggestions from her writers group and wolf experts.
  • An opportunity for children to write a poem (as a group) based on pictures provided by Scotti.
  • A Question-and-Answer period during which children can ask about the process of becoming a published book author.

The Road to Publication (designed for Grades 3-6; from Idea to Promotion of a published book): IL English/Language Arts Standards 3.A, 3.B, 3.C

  • How Scotti wrote and revised the rhyming text of One Wolf Howls based on suggestions from her writers group and wolf experts.
  • The submission process -- rejection and acceptance -- and what happens after a manuscript is accepted and published.
  • A Question-and-Answer period during which children can ask about the process of becoming a published book author.

How Many Ways Can You Write about Wolves? (designed for Grades 4-6; exploration of genre): IL English/Language Arts Standards 3.A, 3.B, 3.C

  • Scotti helps children explore fiction and nonfiction approaches to the same subject using examples of published books about wolves.
  • Children talk about ways they would write about a topic using fiction or nonfiction.

My presentations can be done using PowerPoint, overhead transparencies, or a digital visual presenter (document projector) where appropriate, depending on the size and layout of the room and the available equipment. 



Speaker's Fee

I charge $400 for a full day (up to 4 presentations), plus travel expenses for travel to locations outside my local area. Adjustments can be made for shorter visits.

If a school wishes to have me autograph books for the students, I request that arrangements be made with a local bookstore to provide the books and handle sales. I am not set up to supply and sell books.

If cost is a concern, many companies support education by providing grants that may be used toward author visits. Here are some helpful links to start researching some of these grants.

The Community Foundation, Intel Corp.:

School Grants - a Web site that covers everything and anything about grants to support schools:

NEA (National Education Association):

National Book Scholarship Fund:

Wells Fargo Charitable Contributions for Education & Educators (specify state):

Is There a Poem
in the Picture?

(Visit to
LeRoy Elementary School
Grades 3 and 4
17 November 2009)




Schedule of Appearances

Upcoming Appearances

Feb. 20 - 8:00 to Noon
Anderson's Children's Lit

Glen Ellyn, IL

Mar. 4 - 4pm to 7pm
Prairieland Elementary School
Book Fair
Barnes & Noble
Bloomington, IL

Mar. 5 - 2pm
Young Authors Celebration Tea
Glen Carbon Elementary School
SKYPE visit

May 12 & 13
El Paso Elementary Schools
El Paso, IL

Past Appearances

Feb. 15, 2pm
Bloomington Public Library Bloomington IL

Feb. 21, 9am-1pm
7th Annual Children's Literature Breakfast at Abbington Banquets, Glen Ellyn IL 

Feb. 28, 2pm
Normal Public Library, Normal IL

Mar. 20, 12:30-2:30pm
Illinois Reading Council, annual conference
SCBWI Booth, Springfield, IL

Mar. 21, 2pm
Barnes & Noble, Bloomington IL

Mar. 27, 2pm
Interview, Book Bites for Kids
(internet radio program)

Mar. 31, 10:10am
Interview - WJBC Radio

Apr. 8 - Mulberry School
Normal, IL

Apr. 26 - 2-4pm
Barnes & Noble, Champaign, IL
book signing, activities
(in conjunction with 3 other
children's book authors)

May 2 - 8:34am & May 3 - 7:34am
Interview - WGLT Radio

May 9 - Dr. Dolittle Day!
Henson Robinson Zoo, Springfield IL 

May 10, 1pm
Miller Park Zoo, Bloomington, IL 

May 16, All Day
Illinois Young Authors Conference
Normal, IL 

June 6, All Day
Wolf Park, Battle Ground, IN

June 14, 1:30pm
Bethalto Public Library, Bethalto IL
"Sunday Afternoon with an Author"

July 12, 1-2pm
ALA Conference, Chicago IL
book signing

July 19 - 1-4pm
Ice Cream Safari
Scovill Zoo, Decatur, IL

Aug. 8 - 11am-4pm
Kids Day
Wildlife Prairie State Park
Peoria, IL

Aug. 29 - 1 to 2pm
Blue Manatee Children's Bookstore
Cincinnati, OH

Aug. 29 - 5 to 8pm
Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue
Brookville, IN

Oct. 17
Books by the Banks
Cincinnati, OH

Oct. 29-31
ISLMA Annual Conference
Springfield, IL

Nov. 5 - 6 to 7pm
Girl Scouts, Hornets Nest Council
Union West Regional Library
Indian Trail, NC

Nov. 6 - 10am
AASL Conference
Charlotte, NC

Nov. 17 - All Day
LeRoy Elementary School
LeRoy, IL

Nov. 21 - 11am
Barbara's Bookstore at UIC, Chicago
Story Time

Dec. 12 - 1 to 3pm
Washington Wolves Book Fair
Barnes & Noble, Bloomington, IL

Dec. 13 - Noon to 3pm
St. Mary's School Book Fair
Barnes & Noble, Bloomington, IL

Jan. 18, 2010 - 2pm
Parlin-Ingersoll Library
Canton, IL

Jan. 22 - 10:00 to 2:30
Chenoa Elementary School
Chenoa, IL


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