Lobo comes with Scotti to all of her One Wolf Howls author appearances.

He thinks he is a real wolf.

He loves to howl.




To find out how to say "wolf" in many different languages, click HERE.



Lobo thinks that "real wolves" blow down houses built by little pigs and dress up in old ladies' nightgowns in order to scare little girls in red capes.

Is that what you think real wolves do?


Activities for Kids

Hands and Paws

Wolf Coloring Page

Wolf Word Search

Numbers and Months

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Lobo is the Spanish word for WOLF.

Lobo has a sister. Her name is


Lupa is Italian for female wolf.


Lupa and Lobo love One Wolf Howls!


Lobo and Lupa with their pack

Nero, Lobo, Louvette, Lupa, Virginia, and B.B. (bottom center)


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